VersioningRight - refining the problem by guiding implementation towards the working solution

VersioningRight overview

One of the main driving forces behind every creator’s work is the desire to express. Due to innate selfishness, as some might say. Though others say one cannot express something one doesn’t understand. I wanted to express and understand how creator’s work evolves and gets to the point of actually affecting the world in a way it is designed to. Result of this effort is VersioningRight. It helps with refining the problem or idea by guiding implementation towards the working solution. One working solution often is not enough - there are different versions of it including the right one. Hence the name.


World faces many problems that require solutions. Complex problems do not get solved fast. Advanced problem solving requires number of attempts that lead to a working solution.


VersioningRight offers a unique model for evolution of problem solving. This model is a representation of essential relationships between versions of solution that appear during problem solving activities. VersioningRight model makes it easier to understand, define, quantify, visualize and simulate relevant aspects of typical problem solving activities, particularly ones that involve iterative approaches. In order to help with getting to a point of working solution, VersioningRight is focused on educating stakeholders about relevant elements of the VersioningRight model to enable advanced problem solving. Also, VersioningRight is augmenting existing tools with new functionality that guides stakeholders to a working solution.


There are tools of source code collaboration family that help with activities related to problem solving of particular type - software development:

Why is VersioningRight better?

None of mentioned tools use high-level problem solving evolution models. Most of them are concentrated on solving particular problems (issue tracking, knowledge base collaboration, continuous integration, code review, etc) missing the “bigger picture”. VersioningRight offers a missing part of the puzzle in a form of problem solving evolution model. Principles of such model can help with building more advanced tools that beside helping to enable advanced problem solving approaches, are able to make source code collaboration tools do their job better. Moreover, VersioningRight is not just about software development - it is about any serious activity that is aimed to have tangible results.

How VersioningRight adds value?

VersioningRight enables advanced problem solving revealing opportunities to improve problem solution by:

Target audience

Individuals and organizations, that see value in advanced problem solving. The ones that might benefit from it are, for example:

This sounds great! How could I find out more?

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